Taking you to Emirates Palace Tour

Hello everyone! 🙂 I miss all of you so much! I got my 2 days off so yeah i have my entire day  to inscribe something today! I hope everyone’s still there? So basically i think you already know what’s my blog all about based on my Title above! Yes!! you read it right am gonna take you to Emirates Palace quick tour! I just felt the need of sharing this awesome Place for those who wanted to atleast catch a glimpse on it here in my blog.  😊 Continue reading

Wild Wadi Adventure

Recently we went to  Dubai and invaded Wild Wadi Water Park! It was actually my second visit and certainly the time where I tried all the rides! Yes you read it right! All the gravity-defying thrills and awesome spills we have conquered including  the Surfing experiences.

At Tantrum Alley, we faced three tornados and meet the eye of a storm, while at Jumeirah Sceirah ,we have shoot down one of two 120-metre tandem slides at an astonishing speed of 80km/h.   Continue reading

Don’t Rush Things

Don’t rush things, especially if you need to work on matters which require concentration as this could lead to easily recognized errors.Most of the time we often rush things; Decision making, taking options, finishing tasks (job related) , breaking up and especially for the girls “Getting Married” many possible things we tend to rush that ended up being messy.

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Ferrari World Adventure

World’s first Ferrari Theme Park with over 30 spot of fun; fast-fun, family fun, shows for everyone and for little champions. Perfect for weekend getaway with family, friends and special someone. A little bit sad because “Formula Rossa”, the fastest roller coaster in the world, is currently unavailable due to annual maintenance work. But we are still lucky because we were able to try their new record-breaking roller coaster the “Flying Aces”. We experienced what is like to be a daredevil pilot on the high speed rollercoaster and braced ourselves from twists, turns in the world’s tallest loop. What a breathtaking adrenaline rush. wooah! Unfortunately cellphones are not allowed due to safety purposes but indeed it was definitely an amazing experience.

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Amazing View on Top of the World

One of Abu Dhabi’s top 10 to visit is definitely the OBSERVATION DECK AT 300.

An ideal place to discover Abu Dhabi’s Skyline Panoramic views. Amazing high tea on top of the world with stunning sights at great heights. The Observation Deck at 300 serves the city’s highest tea service (300 meters above) They are also offering mocktails, soft beverages, coffees, teas as well as desserts and salads. Indeed a popular tourist destination because it provides opportunity for every visitors to view Abu Dhabi from the air- this is a unique place for catching up with friends and family.
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