The Creator of Destiny

Do you know what Destiny means? How about the choice?

Today, millions of people around the world are fraught in their daily living. Some struggles for survival; the sick, street children, hopeless mother, homeless people; and others move violently to defeat their enemy. When you hear the word destiny what comes into your mind? Fate? Providence? Future? Have you tried to think about your own destiny? Now, if you have your so-called destiny then what will be the purpose of your sacrifices?

They said that our destiny was already written. So if we die pitiful then that’s our destiny? Concisely no matter how we try to achieve our goals, no matter how we put our mind into something, no matter how we sought to aim high and be victorious in the near future, all of those are ineffective and useless if our life script has already been written on a paper.

Undeniably all of us are clueless when it comes to our future. Some people hastily saying: “Kung kami ang para sa isa’t isa, kami talaga magkakatuluyan baling araw.”Is it proper? Is it factual to say that if you’re really meant for each other then no matter what happens you’re already destined to be together in the upcoming days?

I end up thinking, is it really destiny that plays the role? How about our so-called choices? How are you going to be together if you don’t pursue what you are aiming for? How would you say you can be together if you got no endeavor?

Hopeless people keep saying: “this is what our destiny is, to become poor until we depart this life.” Those people misinterpreted the real meaning of destiny. They just believe in a false providence. If they only have their knowledge on how to live a better life, well, then they might as well get what they really wanted, but if they can’t, then maybe their efforts might not be sufficient.

Indeed, we have our DESTINY! Yes! We have! That destiny is the result of our own choices in life. If others choose to have a divorce with their partners then that’s their choice. If someone chooses to do awful things instead of doing well, then that’s also a choice. See? It’s not about saying that’s their destiny or that’s where they belong, sometimes we really have to consider what destiny is all about.

God provides us everything and it’s up to us on how we’re going to use those things properly. God said “he knows our future.” Yes! Absolutely, if we have him in our heart and if we let him in our life, if we have faith in him, indeed he knows our futures destination. Lord is just guiding and always reminding us to do good and always follow his commands for you to have a marvelous future.

As a final point, we are the maker of our own image and course in life. Choosing good will always be counted; choosing bad will always be ignored. WE ARE THE CREATOR, MAKER, DESIGNER, and AUTHOR of our own DESTINY. We make our own destiny.

According to Wikipedia destiny – is a predetermined course of events.It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual. It is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the cosmos.





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