My Father’s Terrible Experience

Way back on the year 1977, he was studying at Father Urios Academy High School, Hinatuan Surigao Del Sur. Because of their school activities he didn’t noticed it was already late in the evening. He hurriedly fixed his things and decided to go home alone. While walking, clash of moonlight and darkness rolled the entire street. The rain started to fall. He stops at the middle of the dark street to find a place where he could shed his self. Fortunately he found a small house. He knocked the door three times but there was no response. He sneaks a quick look what’s inside using the window but no one’s there, except for the dying candle.

The rain drops became more rigid. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a crying baby. He was crept with conflicting feelings. Unexpectedly a big cat jump towards his direction. He found his self running nervously, trying to stay away from that creepy cat.

The darkness must have triumphed over light for the night was dark and gloomy. He sensed something uncertainties. As he glanced back, a terrible shock engulfed his body for he can’t believe what he saw. He doesn’t even know what kind of creature it is. For a second instance, an echo of a crying baby seeps into his ears. He screamed loudly and ran, but everything is crammed with gloominess. Eerie shadows of the trees covered his path. Mixed emotions rolled on his entire soul. He just thought that this will be his end; He just uttered a prayer “In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit”.  And he ran as fast as he could.

When he arrived home, he lost his consciousness. As he woke up, he told his parents what happened. And they also told him the story behind that house; there was a pregnant lady died, because she was failed to deliver her baby.

Upon hearing the story he was frightened and told his self to never walk alone at night on that street. He just thanks God and expressed gratitude, because he is still alive. Indeed it was a terrible experienced he’d ever had.






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