Happy Anniversary!!

Our First Year

The room is dark, I need a light

Nor coal, nor oil, nor candlelight

I saw your name within my heart

Oh! My love it’s so hard when we’re apart!

My wits is blowing

My skull is aching

My heart is screaming

Oh! My love I never stop believing!

The moon is consequently bright

Then you greeted me around midnight

Everything feels so right

Oh! My love let me love you for the rest of my life!

For a day like today

I’ll never break away

I’ll forget the history

Oh! My love I’ll promise to stay!

I can hear your voice

I can see your smile

I can dance with gay

And finally greet you a happy ANNIVERSARY!!!!


I often question on how rapidly time goes by. It seems that we’ve just met yesterday. Our love has directed to the trials and joys linked of being together, things not always been easy. We have our arguments, we have our trials, and we have our sorry’s and acceptance. Each of us has made the other a better person and we learn from each other’s company. How would life be if we hadn’t met each other? Our lives would definitely been markedly diverse. Even though we’re not together, I wanted to prove to him how happy I am for having “him” in my life. Today as we celebrate our anniversary I will make sure that this day is remembered with happiness in a little special way. 🙂


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