Trip to Bohol

Amazing “BOHOL”

Oct 19, 2010. We were all excited that day. We departed at exactly 12 noon in Kabacan and arrived at Cagayan Port at 6:30 pm.

Bohol is a little island paradise in the southern Philippines. The most notable among the tourist attractions in Bohol is Chocolate Hills. In Bohol we experienced a lot. Our tour guide was very jolly; he cracked some jokes that made us all laugh 🙂 . On our way to our destination he introduced us some old churches, the location where the Sandugo happened and also their delicacy. We also experienced the floating restaurant in Loboc River, the amazing man-made forest and we also visited the smallest primate in the world, the Tarsier.

The Church

A trip to Bohol will be incomplete if we won’t at least catch a glimpse of the Chocolate Hills. The more than one thousand uniformly shaped hills dazzle, we only see those on photos, but we also give jaw-dropping amazement when we have actually seen them as we go on our tour. They are indeed a natural wonder no one should miss seeing. This still stands as the highlight to any visit to the island province.

“Stream Views”

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