Beautiful Day | In Abu Dhabi

First and foremost i would like to greet “Ramadan Kareem” to all my Muslim brothers and sisters out there! Yes! Ramadan time means no consumption of food and drinks in public areas, even chewing a bubble gum is not allowed. We must obey their rules and show them some respect they deserve.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to make something different. So yeah we went to Corniche area for jogging (original plan) but I ended up feeling dizzy and almost fainted , maybe because my body got shocked with the abrupt exercise, and it was also sizzling hot! We literally wanted to drink some water but unfortunately we can’t. Funny thing is that we waited for a taxi for almost half an hour but to no avail! We don’t have a choice but to go back to our track again! Oh my G!

Still I enjoyed taking video Clips to show you guys how beautiful our day was despite the weather condition. Maybe next time we’ll go around 6:00 am so it will be a bit colder then.Lesson learned. Indeed it was a memorable walk to remember worth sharing.

Here’s the link for my vlog! Please watch and enjoy! 😉

“Stream Views”


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