Taking you to Emirates Palace Tour

Hello everyone! 🙂 I miss all of you so much! I got my 2 days off so yeah i have my entire day  to inscribe something today! I hope everyone’s still there? So basically i think you already know what’s my blog all about based on my Title above! Yes!! you read it right am gonna take you to Emirates Palace quick tour! I just felt the need of sharing this awesome Place for those who wanted to atleast catch a glimpse on it here in my blog.  😊

Piece of Advice if you would like to visit Emirates Palace specially on a busy day, please make sure You have a reservation with them or atleast an afternoon tea booking, because sometimes they are not allowing any walk-in guests inside.

Quick Over View:

Emirates Palace is actually Situated here in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE. The hotel was constructed to the highest possible standards of luxury and technology. It is one of the most expensive hotels in the world (FYI).

Me doing my pose with the ever famous Emirates Palace as my backdrop. What a jaw-dropping and stunning architecture it is! Well we are here in UAE 🇦🇪 so expect some unique architectural design.


Me feeling fancy inside the hotel waiting area. It was so lovely! You can definitely see Golds everywhere!



Below is my YouTube video if you guys are interested to check em out just click here: Emirates Palace 

💕So that’s pretty  it! Hope you enjoyed my quick tour for today! Peace and Blessings Everyone.



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