Taking Options

As we walk through life we have to take options, whether we like it or not we have to decide and stand firm about who we are and what we believe in, or to make choices to cross over to some vantage point. In the process, we may get connected with those who see life differently then we’ll see that the journey through life is never easy. We may begun to experience the struggles and complexities of life. Meeting these complexities is a challenge we need to face often alone OR sometimes with the help of others, in the end however the journey that we will take ultimately leads us to find the meaning of LIFE ^_^….


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How can you tell if your boyfriend loves you?

This morning we received a bunch of documents, notices and newspapers here in our office. My colleague scanned the newspaper and then suddenly pokes me saying “you must read this one! (Smiling)” pointing the entertainment section on the paper. I got curious about what she’s been reading on the tabloid. Then she gave me another copy of it. I also smiled as I read the article with a captivating title:  “HOW CAN YOU TELL IF YOUR BOYFRIEND LOVES YOU?” Hmmm I think I should share it to you some of those points that are still vivid in my mind. Jaja


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Happy Anniversary!!

Our First Year

The room is dark, I need a light

Nor coal, nor oil, nor candlelight

I saw your name within my heart

Oh! My love it’s so hard when we’re apart!

My wits is blowing

My skull is aching

My heart is screaming

Oh! My love I never stop believing!

The moon is consequently bright

Then you greeted me around midnight

Everything feels so right

Oh! My love let me love you for the rest of my life!

For a day like today

I’ll never break away

I’ll forget the history

Oh! My love I’ll promise to stay!

I can hear your voice

I can see your smile

I can dance with gay

And finally greet you a happy ANNIVERSARY!!!!


I often question on how rapidly time goes by. It seems that we’ve just met yesterday. Our love has directed to the trials and joys linked of being together, things not always been easy. We have our arguments, we have our trials, and we have our sorry’s and acceptance. Each of us has made the other a better person and we learn from each other’s company. How would life be if we hadn’t met each other? Our lives would definitely been markedly diverse. Even though we’re not together, I wanted to prove to him how happy I am for having “him” in my life. Today as we celebrate our anniversary I will make sure that this day is remembered with happiness in a little special way. 🙂

My dream Bonding for My Family

Me and My Family

                   Exploring outdoor is a perfect dream bonding with my Family. I will make sure to leave all my electronic gadgets such as (cellphones ) behind so that We can focus more on doing things together. I’ve been dreaming on doing things like setting-up a tent, fishing, cooking and even playing outdoor games together. Lately my mind and heart indulge such thoughts, I really wanted to spend a moment with my family specially my parents. They are not getting any younger. It will also help them relaxed and feel comfortable for a while and forget about their worries and uncertainties about life, breath in some fresh air and gives them the allotted amount of time to stretch out their muscles. I’m looking forward for these thoughts come into reality in the near future. I hope they can still wait for that moment.

Hopefully!! 🙂

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The art of letting go

One of the hardest tasks we could take in our lives is letting go. Letting go of the things that we really wanted, letting go of the past that we can’t live without, letting go of the people we surely be missing.

All of us have our own history in our respective lives; we have our own background of our pain, miseries and failures in our past. Let me share to you the yarn of my own friend who can’t let go of her past.

She’s still bringing up to her mind their memories; Still thinking about him, Still hanging on. It was almost a year since they broke up but until now she can’t move on. Every time I lend my ears to her stories about how their relationship was ended I can feel her heartache. Every time I look into her eyes I can see a heart being pierced into pieces. I can feel her sorrow inside. I know she tries to deceive us but in reality she is crying on a dark room whenever she’s alone to hide all her sufferings.

I tried to console her, gave her piece of advice. “Just let him go… learn to live without him…. Move on…. You deserve to be happy….” Those are the exact words I uttered.

She just smiled…. And said “yes I’m learning…. In fact I’m trying to forget everything…. But every moment when I’m trying to stay away from our memories; I can still feel his tenderness, his passionate kisses on my forehead, his affectionate hugs, his expressive eyes smoothly staring at me, his yielding hands caressing my back when I’m down, his loving fingers wiping my tears when I cry and the sound of his   laughter seeping into my ears, now tell me, how am I supposed to live without him? How am I going to stay away when in all actuality all I wanted is him by my side? I just can’t let him go like that, not as simple as erasing the chalk marks on a blackboard. I just can’t live without him. I still love him so much”

I’m speechless; I can’t even think of a pleasant word on how to lessen her sufferings and grief. I’m lost of words. In terms of giving an opinion I know I’m such an expert consultant, but this time it’s difficult to give an opinion.

When I reached home I’m still thinking about what she said. If I were in her shoes what am I going to do? How am I going to bring back the time that has past? How about the people that has gone? And how to erase all the memories that still vivid in my mind? How am I going to learn the art of LETTING GO?

Abruptly my mind lightens up! I got my answer….. The answer is just simple as “ACCEPTANCE”. The word itself explains everything. 🙂

Freedom! 🙂

That’s all folks!

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I am a Nature Lover

I really love Nature!!

what could be more engaging than hearing the Gleeful chirping of birds,

rustling of leaves, dancing white clouds in a smiling blue sky

and the sound of soft wind playing with the trees?

One of the biggest plus in unwinding with my love ones

is that we can enjoy and explore our nature, we can inculcate our love for nature,

we can develop our surviving skills and be a better and

responsible steward of our environment!

White Cloud on a Blue Sky! 🙂

Green Trees 🙂

Flying Birds

>Nature Lover<

I need to Renew

I want to Unwind

I really need to renew my body and spirit..

refreshing air and breathtaking sceneries

will be a big help for me to unwind and

loosen up tight muscles caused by exhaustion.

Unwinding at a very quiet and peaceful

environment that affords me to reconnect my

thoughts and inspire me throughout the day

is a must! badly needed…… let’s go!!

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“You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. what you need is to recognize and embrace the possibilities, and challenges offered by the present moment and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.”

—Thomas Merton—

The BUG called DOTA

We are so lucky for being part of this high-tech generation; we have our computers, laptops, iPods and PSPs, in addition we also have internet which enable us to connect on different types of social networking sites and online games. We can’t deny the fact that we are greatly favored by the world. But some of the people didn’t know how to manage and remain affected by some enticement that can hardly resist.

Majority of our teenagers specially the boys are infected with the bug called DOTA. Some even got carried away and addicted by the said bug.

What is DOTA by the way? Well well well…. According to Wikipedia DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) is an action real-time mod for the videogame Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The objective of the scenario is for each team to destroy the opponent’s ancients, heavily guarded structures at the opposing corners of the map. Players use useful units known as heroes and assisted by allied heroes and AI-controlled fighters.

Every time I heard some teenage boys saying: “DOTA ta bai!” I can’t help myself but to grin especially when I know they are still students. I know where it leads by the way. I can foresee; a student lack of sleep, can’t perform well in school due to destruction of long hours of stay in front of the computer screen, and some might suffer from “hunger strike” due to immediate deficient allowances, for they are working all day at internet cafes, spending time on virtual world. Others even neglect their studies and some of them get hold of the failing grades.

How about the teenage girls? Of course I will never forget to mention that some of them got annoyed with their partners who are infected by the said bug. They are envious because their boyfriends have much time at internet cafes than catching a visit on their quarters. Then immediately declaring “UYABA NG DOTA MO!” and ooooopss…AWAY NA YAN (THE WORLD WAR III BEGINS)! 🙂

Honestly speaking there’s no problem on playing online games. Hey girls! Don’t be so immature on comparing yourself to DOTA; DOTA is just a game on a virtual world and you? YOU are reality! Yes you are! So please don’t argue with them if they’re playing and having fun, just let them be. All you have to do is to remind and guide them, let them know their limitations and of course understand their pleasures.

And for the boys (especially STUDENTS!!) know your limits!! Yes, virtual world gives pleasure, relieved stressed and gives satisfaction, but always keep in mind that it’s about you and your health matters most. Don’t let it get into your nerves like you can’t live without it. Don’t allow the bug to use and manipulate your system it might ruin not only your entire being but also your future destination.

How about you? Are you infected with the said bug? Well get some Avast-antivirus and perform an in-depth scan of your ENTIRE SYSTEM. 🙂


Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne


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