Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Quick overview:

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in United Arab Emirates and it is considered as the key site for worship in the country. Continue reading


Taking you to Emirates Palace Tour

Hello everyone! 🙂 I miss all of you so much! I got my 2 days off so yeah i have my entire day  to inscribe something today! I hope everyone’s still there? So basically i think you already know what’s my blog all about based on my Title above! Yes!! you read it right am gonna take you to Emirates Palace quick tour! I just felt the need of sharing this awesome Place for those who wanted to atleast catch a glimpse on it here in my blog.  😊 Continue reading

The art of letting go

One of the hardest tasks we could take in our lives is letting go. Letting go of the things that we really wanted, letting go of the past that we can’t live without, letting go of the people we surely be missing.

All of us have our own history in our respective lives; we have our own background of our pain, miseries and failures in our past. Let me share to you the yarn of my own friend who can’t let go of her past.

She’s still bringing up to her mind their memories; Still thinking about him, Still hanging on. It was almost a year since they broke up but until now she can’t move on. Every time I lend my ears to her stories about how their relationship was ended I can feel her heartache. Every time I look into her eyes I can see a heart being pierced into pieces. I can feel her sorrow inside. I know she tries to deceive us but in reality she is crying on a dark room whenever she’s alone to hide all her sufferings.

I tried to console her, gave her piece of advice. “Just let him go… learn to live without him…. Move on…. You deserve to be happy….” Those are the exact words I uttered.

She just smiled…. And said “yes I’m learning…. In fact I’m trying to forget everything…. But every moment when I’m trying to stay away from our memories; I can still feel his tenderness, his passionate kisses on my forehead, his affectionate hugs, his expressive eyes smoothly staring at me, his yielding hands caressing my back when I’m down, his loving fingers wiping my tears when I cry and the sound of his   laughter seeping into my ears, now tell me, how am I supposed to live without him? How am I going to stay away when in all actuality all I wanted is him by my side? I just can’t let him go like that, not as simple as erasing the chalk marks on a blackboard. I just can’t live without him. I still love him so much”

I’m speechless; I can’t even think of a pleasant word on how to lessen her sufferings and grief. I’m lost of words. In terms of giving an opinion I know I’m such an expert consultant, but this time it’s difficult to give an opinion.

When I reached home I’m still thinking about what she said. If I were in her shoes what am I going to do? How am I going to bring back the time that has past? How about the people that has gone? And how to erase all the memories that still vivid in my mind? How am I going to learn the art of LETTING GO?

Abruptly my mind lightens up! I got my answer….. The answer is just simple as “ACCEPTANCE”. The word itself explains everything. 🙂

Freedom! 🙂

That’s all folks!

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