Wild Wadi Adventure

Recently we went to  Dubai and invaded Wild Wadi Water Park! It was actually my second visit and certainly the time where I tried all the rides! Yes you read it right! All the gravity-defying thrills and awesome spills we have conquered including  the Surfing experiences.

At Tantrum Alley, we faced three tornados and meet the eye of a storm, while at Jumeirah Sceirah ,we have shoot down one of two 120-metre tandem slides at an astonishing speed of 80km/h.   Continue reading


I am a Nature Lover

I really love Nature!!

what could be more engaging than hearing the Gleeful chirping of birds,

rustling of leaves, dancing white clouds in a smiling blue sky

and the sound of soft wind playing with the trees?

One of the biggest plus in unwinding with my love ones

is that we can enjoy and explore our nature, we can inculcate our love for nature,

we can develop our surviving skills and be a better and

responsible steward of our environment!

White Cloud on a Blue Sky! 🙂

Green Trees 🙂

Flying Birds

>Nature Lover<